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In WOHN we believe in urbanisation as a driver for sustainable growth and equality - but cities are challenged in meeting the demand for affordable and sustainable homes, whilst their population grows.

We rethink the approach to homes:
The way we build, live and manage our homes. We believe the future of homes is 
adaptable, available and on demand - like Homes as a Service.

WOHN wants to change the concept of homes from ‘equity for the few’ to 'equity for the many' through transformative building concepts, tokenification of assets and a ‘homes as a service’ thinking.

We dig into the escalating urbanization with 200.000 people moving to cities and urban surroundings every day. A trend so transformative to our present way of living, that it requires equally transformative concepts and thinking to handle it. 

We start with student homes.

Global demand for affordable (student) homes is immense and demand is increasing year after year, with the effect that students either couch surf at friends and family or spend exorbitant rents for small rooms in private homes.

None of the two is good for studies and it put an unnecessary pressure on the students for either finding the next coach to sleep on or work long hours on the side of their study to pay their rents - or both.

We can change this, and WOHN is kick-starting the proces right now with introducing new principles for student homes on campus: Scaleable, sustainable and affordable.

We operate with Student homes in sizes of 10, 20 and 30 m2 offered at rents to minimum half of the present market prizes.

How do we do that? - well, we rethink the concept of homes: 

The way we build and source building materials and homes - key is circular thinking and up cycling of waste resources.

The way we live in our homes - tools and design for self-sustainability are integrated parts of the home.  

The way we manage our homes - homes are a service and will be managed as such creating maximum flexibility and automation for both the tenant and the owner.


Morten Bove


Strategic & commercial lead


Jørgen Nielsen


Materials Science &

Production Design

Anubhavi Tiwari

Architectual Engineering

Behavioral & Sustainability


WOHN · Stationspladsen 2c · 4180  Sorø · Denmark